On-demand technical leadership for growing organizations

Flexible and Collaborative Approach

Strategy and Execution

We collaborate with you to research, design, and execute your differentiated and sustainable technology strategy.

Wide Scope of Practice

We bring people, technology, product, finance, process knowledge along with experienced top talent to successfully address points of friction and to ensure that knowledge is retained by your organization.

On-demand Service

Our consulting/fractional CTOs scale based on your needs, without you having to invest in a full-time leadership hire. We engage with you on your terms - interim, part-time, or per-project!

Without a doubt, Erik is one of the smartest, most driven, and most visionary people that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

- Sam Brennand

Bohdan is very good at dealing with the legal and regulatory side of the software development process. From patents to encryption export permits to SR&ED filing, Bohdan has lent a capable hand, and let our developers get on with what they do best.

- Christopher Best
Kik Interactive

As our interim CTO, Chris has exceeded our expectations in managing the transition of two technology team members, while simultaneously launching a major new product, all without a decrease in velocity. He has been a calm influence across the entire organization, successfully navigating both tactical and strategic aspects of running our engineering team and delivering our services.

- Justin Belobaba
Upline Networks

Having worked with him as part of the executive team at Uberflip, I can say that Erik is both detail-oriented with an uncanny ability to hone in on (and solve!) technical obstacles while still being able to understand and map out the big picture.

- Hana Abaza

Inbae is a skilled leader with a vision and passion for using technology to drive powerful organizational change. This translates into direct impact on the bottom line through efficiency, prioritization, process improvements, communications efficiency, and project streamlining. He's effective communicating across technical and non-technical roles, which directly assists the creation of business value. Working with Inbae has given me a valuable approach to streamlining projects. He's someone I'd happily work with again.

- Tim Capes, Siri Text-to-Speech Engineer

Inbae helped us jump-start enhancements to our data management and risk modelling process. He introduced us to concepts and technology that helped us re-think what is possible to serve our internal clients even better.

- Poly Dharma, Managing Director - Enterprise Liquidity

Inbae has been a tremendous help to my team at Deloitte. As part of our innovation agenda, we are working on developing technology that opens up new business models for Deloitte. Inbae has been instrumental in helping us develop our strategy. His business-focused approach to building and deploying technology has proven to be a successful way to solve our clients' business problems.

- Matthew Spoke, Blockchain Team Lead

Accomplished C-level Team

Our senior fractional CTOs have a track record of delivering results and transforming businesses.


Built and led high-performing technical teams of 5-170 within 5-500 person organizations with minimal employee churn.

IP and Finance

Named inventors on 70+ patents, scaled revenue to $60MM+, involved in a $170MM IPO, advised a $1B company. Millions of dollars in tax credits, grants, and capital raised.


Delivered highly available, scalable, and secure products (B2B, B2C, enterprise, SaaS, mobile) used by Fortune 500 companies.